• The investments for the housing projects will be executed based on the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to be established.
  • Investors interested in the projects will participate by buying shares of the SPVs. In the projects, a gross return of 50% will be aimed, in US$.
  • The above mentioned SPVs will be liquidated immediately after the constructions of the projects are completed and the profits accumulated through the sales are distributed to shareholders.
  • Investors have prepared and signed a partnership protocol that identifies the investment principles.
  • In an agreement that will coordinate the relations between an SPV and a CONTRACTOR;
    •  The CONTRACTOR’s share that will accrue with the progress of the construction will be handed over in stages,
    •  The sales prices will be determined by a mutually reached agreement.


The Investors Rights:

  •    To be informed of the investment opportunities and to have equal participation rights,
  •    To join a transparent and just allocation process in participating in investing,
  •    To participate in the important resolution processes,
    • Determination of real estate projects to invest in
    • Determination of purchasing prices
    • Determination of sales prices and supply conditions of the real estates developed,
    • To have the first right of purchasing in the real estates developed, at prices and conditions determined (the order between the participants will be cast by lots).