In order to sustain the targeted aims in line with the investors risk profile, real estate portfolios will be managed in an active manner as variable investment strategies. Return of the investors’ investments will be increased either through real property rents or increasing value of the real estate, through timing of the purchasing and selling of the property according to market conditions and economic conjuncture, its quality and development strategies.

Investment strategies will pass through the systematic defined below and will be implemented:

  • Identification of investment strategies and investment criteria utilizing macroeconomics and market researches to be conducted,
  • Dynamic project creation abilities and handling of quality real estate projects,
  • Increasing the market value and rent potentials of the invested properties through a rational real estate development application,
  • Converting the created values into cash through rational and disciplined marketing strategies,
  • Increasing the effective utilization of these investment funds through financial structuring, project financing and tax expertise,
  • Implementation of a rational and integral approach in risk management and corporate administration,
  • Regular and transparent informing of the investors.


PRIMIST will define rational and sustainable investment themes based on market researches, in order to be able to provide a balanced and sustainable increase in value, and will give emphasis to these in developing projects. It will be possible to organize the investment themes as separate portfolios and to offer them to the investors.


The main mission of PRIMIST’s real estate experts, through their wealth of experiences and strong relations, is to identify projects that are suitable to the investment criteria. The projects defined pass a thorough preliminary evaluation and they are tested for their economic, financial, technical and legal compliances.


PRIMIST’S administration team has substantial experience and renown backtrack in developing quality real estate projects and in creating attractive added values. The architects and engineers present in the administration team, or those strategic relations have been established with, have years of experience behind them in real estate development applications.


PRIMIST will apply a marketing strategy that will keep the income of the investors at the optimum level, during the development stage of the projects. Selection of respectable contractors who have proven themselves will make the difference in marketing.


The corporate financing and tax management accrued in PRIMIST’s administration team will be very effective in formation of investment models and in forming tax structures, in order to optimize the investors’ assets. Similarly, the experience behind the administration team is going to be effective in forming the project financing possibilities in order to materialize the projects in the most economical way possible.


In today’s indefinite and turbulent investment markets, sustainable income requires a prescient and transparent management team that understands the relevant risks. The members of PRIMIST’s management team have had top level experiences in real estate, industrial and financial establishments. The responsibility, consistency and transparency principles will support the risk management culture. Additionally, a separate audit team to be established will ensure that the project applications comply with laws and the company policies in terms of relations with current legislations, the public sector units, investor relations and in terms of relations with the third parties and will enable necessary measures to be taken, detecting potential risks and conflicts on time.


PRIMIST provides regular flow of information to investors, for each stage of the investments they have participated in. For this purpose, the results of the market researches, evaluations of the new projects, reports prepared on project developments and financial results are regularly informed to investors.